General questions

Can I sell my Courses?
Yes. You can easily set prices for your courses and collect payments via your Paypal, Paystack or Stripe account.
Is it right for my industry?
NewtonLMS can be used in a wide range of industries that need to offer some sort of training. These include but are not restricted to: Education, Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Public sector, Arts and Entertainment, Mining, Hotel, Non Profit, Marketing and Advertising, Law, Finance and Accounting, Real Estate, Health Care, Well-being and Non-profits. Actually, almost all industries can make use of some good training.
Do I need such a tool?
If your organization is serious about training its employees or customers then the answer is yes. Online training can be used in conjunction with your current training process or even as a complete replacement. There are a variety of benefits when you move to online training such as: reduced costs, reproducibility of training, no time or place restrictions and comprehensible reporting on who was trained in what. There are a few additional usage scenarios in which you might find it handy; for example, if you want to create and sell your own courses to end-users. We offer all the capabilities you need to create courses and sell your courses.
Can I give certifications for completed courses?
Yes. You can assign a certification to a course. Each user that completes the course will get the related certification. It is easy to design a certification or use one of the pre-made ones.
Can I use my own domain?
Absolutely! You can select a NewtonLMS based domain or you can map your own domain.
Can I create Tests and Quizzes?
Yes! You can create tests and quizzes and collect/analyze submitted data.
Who are you?
You are in good hands! NewtonLMS is built by IDEAMASN Inc. We live and breathe software development and have been in the field for over a decade now. One could say that we know our stuff!☺


Does my plan come with free support?
We offer support for all type of accounts. You can issue a support request directly within your learning dashboard.
Do you offer plans with bigger user limits?
We offer custom plans tailored to your needs for any number of users. Contact us for more information on custom plans.

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