Things to consider when picking an LMS: Analytics

Now you know what enormous importance it is to have a learning management system in an organization that has made continuous learning its culture. If you don’t, please check our previous post!

So what Exactly is an LMS and how does it work?

However, there are tons of Learning Management Systems with different functionalities and different purposes. An organization has to choose one that will be a fantastic fit based on their online training strategy and expected goal from the training. So as a company, here's one of the key features you need to have at the back of your mind when going in for a learning management system: A learning system that has fantastic performance-based training features.

You will want to gather strong analytics on the efficiency of the training courses as well as the behavior of the learners. This will help you with a more in-depth and comprehensive evaluation of the users and training resources. The data from these evaluations can be used to make informed and well-rounded recommendations and decisions. The data decision making process is one that identifies, collects, combines, analyzes, interprets, and acts on data from different learners to report, evaluate, improve learning and resources which will affect the overall output of the organization.

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Your Learning Management system can give so many useful reports eg. Learner’s progress, Learner’s Engagement, overall training history of each learner, completion rate, Learner’s satisfaction rating, online assessment results, online facilitator approval rating, time logs, etc. These reports do not just help you gather analysis that is not useful. If properly evaluated and analyzed, these reports can help you stay updated on your learners at all times, involve them in their own progress to ensure their commitment, and create that learning culture your organization desires.

At Newton Insights, one of the key features of our Learning Management System; Newton LMS is the high functionality of our reporting tool kit which does all of the above and much more

Platforms capable of automatically analyzing training data for individual users combined with data on their performance can help identify the impact of their training on the company’s business objectives.George Elfond, CEO of Rallyware

In essence, a broad training analysis allows your organization to create a learning path and plan for each employee to fill the necessary skill gaps within their roles and also help them expand and maximize their skills in their areas of expertise.

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